The BL3ND™️ Solution 


The BL3ND™️ Solution Framework is an easy and effective method for blending essential oils and formulating plant based skincare that results in beautiful smelling and effective products.

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to blend essential oils that result in beautiful smelling and effective aromatherapy and skincare products, then you are going to get great value from this 3 part Live Stream Class.

Join Amy Galper via live stream video as she walks you through her unique method of blending that she has perfected over the past 15 years as an educator, author and clean beauty product developer.



 Lesson One

Sunday, March 7
12pm - 2pm EST


You'll learn what The BL3ND™️ Solution Framework is, and be introduced to its main principles and concepts.  

Lesson Two

Sunday, March 14
12pm - 2pm EST


You'll learn how to navigate ratios and dilutions and feel more confident creating formulas that can easily scale up and stay consistent.

 Lesson Three

Sunday, March 21
12pm -2pm EST


You will follow along with Amy as she demonstrates how to put The BL3ND™️ Solution into practice, by creating a skincare product that features essential oils.

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This course is based on a module taken from the Aromatherapy in Action Online Aromatherapy Certification Program and it will be the first time Amy Galper, the Instructor and Course Creator, will be teaching it as a stand-alone live stream course  

Think of this offering as an exclusive incubator for aromatherapists and essential oil advocates to further explore and innovate a totally new approach to blending essential oils and plant based ingredient and get direct and immediate feedback from Amy.  

It is an exciting opportunity to participate in a brand new program, at a very special BETA price and share your experience.

Register Now for only $149