An online course by Clean Beauty Experts Amy Galper & Christina Daigneault

Everything you need to take your clean beauty & wellness into your own hands.

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Learn to Use
Natural Ingredients

Make Your Own
Beauty Products

Become a Clean Beauty Connoisseur 

Plant-Powered Beauty: Your Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Wellness & Beauty

  • We all want to feel good about what we’re using on and in our bodies.
  • We want to have confidence in the products we bring into our home and how they impact us, our families, and the world around us.
  • Navigating the world of natural skincare, beauty, and wellness shouldn't feel complicated and overwhelming.

You can take your beauty routine
into your own hands.


Plant Power Beauty Book

Clean Beauty is built on integrity, transparency, and trust. 


Clean Beauty reaches far beyond examining the safety of ingredients. It takes a more holistic lifestyle-centered approach, inviting us to become more aware of where ingredients come from, who is growing them, how they are grown, processed, and manufactured, and the documentation supporting their safety and efficacy. 

The Plant-Powered Beauty course will empower you to use natural ingredients in a more mindful way. 

Through the experience of smelling, touching, and blending different botanicals, you’ll become more aware of how plant-powered ingredients can not only improve your appearance, but support overall vitality and quality of life. 

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Who should take this course?


Clean Beauty Enthusiasts 

who want to take a more holistic approach to their wellness routines and blend their own products

Conscious Consumers

who want to make more mindful choices for themselves, their families, and the environment

Holistic Wellness Practitioners

who want to expand their knowledge and expertise to better serve their clients

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There’s a magic that happens when we find healthier ways to take care of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

These  “aha” moments can completely change our perspectives and the way we relate to one another. 



Pursue Radiant Vitality in Mind, Body, & Spirit

Whether you’ve dabbled in the world of clean beauty for years, or you’re brand new to this space, we made this course for you!  It’s our mission to meet you where you are, guiding you as you shift preconceived notions of beauty through a holistic lens, equipping and empowering you to take your wellbeing into your own hands.


Become a Clean Beauty Connoisseur

Whether you’re looking to incorporate botanicals into your daily beauty regimen, make your own holistic cosmetic products, or simply boost your appearance and quality of life, Plant-Powered Beauty will jumpstart your journey!

After each lesson, you’ll walk away with extensive holistic wellness and beauty education, practical tips you can apply in your everyday life, and plant-based recipes you can use right away.

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Access to the Plant-Powered Beauty Facebook Group 

Be part of a like-minded holistic beauty and wellness community, giving you the opportunity to engage with past and present
Plant-Powered Beauty students. Members get insider tips and exclusive resources to empower and equip them on their learning journey.

30% Exclusive Discount on the Plant-Powered Beauty Book

Plant-Powered Beauty
students get a special 30% discount on the book that inspired the course! Packed with clean beauty resources and more than 50 skincare and wellness recipes. We highly recommend purchasing the book and using it as your textbook so you can have all the recipes we'll walk through together at your fingertips!

Your Aromatherapy Basics Glossary of Terms

This comprehensive glossary will be your one-stop resource for understanding the most important plant-powered beauty ingredients and terminology. 


Plant-Powered Beauty Reference Charts

We created these go-to tools to guide you in your clean beauty efforts. The Weights and Measurements Chart and Essential Oil Dilution Chart will make your blending efforts seamless, so your recipes come out perfect every time.

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  • Get lifetime access to 8 easy-to-follow class videos and accompanying workbooks ($360 value)
  • Includes video instruction for 15 botanical beauty recipes you can make in your own clean beauty kitchen * Payment Plan Available
  • Bonus: Private Facebook Community Inspiration + Engagement
  • Bonus: Aromatherapy Basics Glossary of Terms
  • Bonus: Plant-Powered Beauty Reference Charts
  • Bonus: 30% off Plant-Powered Beauty Book

Individual Classes


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  • Each class includes lifetime access to an easy-to-follow video and accompany workbook 
  • Each class includes video instruction for 2 botanical beauty recipes you can make in your own clean beauty kitchen
  • No travel required. Learn at your own pace from the privacy of your own home.
  • Bonus: Private Facebook Community Inspiration + Engagement 

  • Bonus: Aromatherapy Basics Glossary of Terms

  • Bonus: Plant-Powered Beauty Reference Charts

  • Bonus: 30% off Plant-Powered Beauty Book

I have gained a much deeper and broader range of knowledge and appreciation for essential oils and true botanical skincare.

Rose Christie

Earth Light Aroma

The courses are not only educational and informative, they are meaningful and life-changing.

Jenn Goldman
Mood Beauty

I am enriched and grateful for having had such knowledgeable and caring guidance.

Carolyn Jones
Holistic Health Practitioner

Plant-Powered Beauty is taught by Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault, best-selling authors, nationally-acclaimed educators, and leading Clean Beauty Connoisseurs. You’ll benefit from their combined 25 years of aromatherapy experience, equipping you with everything you need to take your clean wellness and beauty into your own hands.

Amy Galper

Amy is the Founder of the first Aromatherapy School in NYC, the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. She has been a Certified Aromatherapist since 2001, as well as a passionate advocate, entrepreneur, formulator and consultant in Clean Beauty and Wellness. 

She wears a lot of hats, but her greatest passion is teaching. Through her speaking, online classes, and courses, she inspires and empowers others in their pursuit of holistic and mindful beauty and wellness.


Christina Daigneault

Christina is an attorney-mediator and the president of an award-winning public relations firm, Orchard Strategies. She discovered the benefits of plant-based beauty through her work representing health and wellness brands, and soon began applying holistic practices in her own life. 

She earned her Certification in Aromatherapy from the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, where she met her Co-Instructor.

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It’s time to take your wellness into your own hands!

With Plant-Powered Beauty, you’ll be inspired, equipped, and empowered to make your own beauty - literally, by following our botanical beauty recipes, and more profoundly, by looking to nature to find your true beauty within.